This will be in English to honour my Polish friends and because I need to practise 😉 .

In the beginning of April I was invited by Magda from Poland to hold a seminar for two days in Warsaw. I first went down to my parents and left my dogs with them. It has been quite of a problem to leave Abby behind. She was starting to get more anxious around people again a little while ago. I have because of her not being able to say Yes to seminars abroad. (When I got back from Poland I took her to a dentist again and she is now better after treatment). But  I had promised Magda to do an exception and come to her dog-centre. I learnt to know her and her friend Jagna here in Sweden on an international obedience-camp we organized. I was a bit nervous about speaking English for three days but I think it went allright. People where patient with me if I needed to get help with any word.

I took a ferry from Karlskrona to Gdynia and I had a great cabin on board so I slept well. I arrived to Gdynia in the morning and there a friend of Magda´s, Asia,  picked me up and invited me to a fantastic breakfast at her appartment. After that we  travelled by car to Warsaw. She was going to be at the seminar in the audience.

The Spring had really come to Warsaw and we had an interesting walk in the park on the first day. Here comes some of the videos. It was so different from how we walk with our dogs in Sweden. Notice the little boston-terrier who I first thought was running after us to play with the dogs but instead it was just after Magda´s pocket where she kept a tube of liver. Ha ha!!



I didn´t see any person at all who gave a bad eye to the dogs or their owners for letting them run around in the park like you can see here. Magda told me that if she has her dog on the leash she doesn´t let it go to say hallo to any other dogs. It´s just when the dogs are free they can meet new dogs. Look here how the dogs really mingle with foreign people and it seems like noone cares. I just had to show all these  videos because it was such a lovely and different walk.

On Friday we also had the best Sushi I have eaten at a nice little restaurant.


After the first day of the seminar I had a little rest at the hotel. It was so strange to travel with no dogs but nice!!   Then I went with Tomek, a dog-trainer to see him train a young dog who is hopefully  becoming a leader-dog for a blind person. If she is not god enough for that, I will keep her for my obedience-dog, Tomek told me. She was such a sweat labrador. And she was even smaller than Abby I think.


Tomek and Eska

A film from their training, first time in the escalator.

After I had seen their work we enjoyed the most wonderful dinner I have eaten for a very long time at a vegan restaurant. Brilliant food and dessert, mmm, I could go back to Warsaw just for that restaurant I think. After we were more than full, they took me for a walk in the old town. The weather was warm and lots of people where sitting out on cafés and pubs.



I got lots of presents. I have never felt so spoiled at a seminar. Thank you Magda and Jagna for lovely presents. Here a string in rainbow-colours.

The seminar was very nice to hold. Every person seemed so interested. They asked a lot of questions and  in the end of  Sunday I just didn´t have any more time . I had to catch the ferry back to Sweden. I love when the audience too is so involved and interested in the training.

Here is some photos from the two wonderful days.

11159489_408904289280517_8491544682038283894_n 11152693_408211399349806_6291632269350131557_n 11143265_408904152613864_5251497521854369504_n 11136736_408903635947249_7958500234657683223_n 11133693_408904405947172_6753310334090161663_n 11128719_408903905947222_8156468675201612713_n 11083830_408211549349791_7136544187876745967_n 11082519_408903712613908_6523877850092326538_n 11010528_408903769280569_6506486832449518086_n 21768_408903162613963_2925842936533869956_n 11010496_408903885947224_769048803763031016_n 10439397_408904062613873_4587379006768797325_n 10004028_408903992613880_8762110679924096068_n 22530_408903285947284_7887028725659657403_n

I got lots of greetings and thanks from both the handlers and from people in the audience when I came back to Sweden. That is so nice and I am so thankful for all the messages. It warms my heart.


Thank you to Magda who gave me all I could ask for and more 🙂   And thank you to Asia who was serving me a traditional Polish breakfast and gave me a lift both to and from Warsaw.

And thank you to Jagna who gave me two own-designed colors to my dogs .

And thank you to all participants at the seminar. You made my weekend, that´s for sure.

Magda with her kelpie is going to the World Championship in Turin and she is competing for Poland for the first time. I wish them good luck! and a happy journey.


Magda and Zuko





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